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Cruelty Free: Cosmetics

Remember when Maria in West Side Story sings “I Feel Pretty”? Well, how much prettier she would feel if she knew all her cosmetics were cruelty-free! Trying to ensure all your shadows and glosses have been animal-friendly from their incipient stages to the final product sitting on your counter, however, can be like opening up a Pandora’s Box. First, there’s the caveat about parent companies; just because your lip balm says it’s cruelty-free doesn’t mean the product line isn’t owned by a larger, less animal-friendly company. Second, there’s a problem with companies that are evasive when it comes to questions about their animal-testing policies. Third, some companies claim they don’t do animal testing but neglect to mention they outsource the testing to another company. Oh… and let’s no forget the ultimate slimy move: “No animals were used to test this final product.” Just don’t ask them what they did while they were still working on the ingredients before they put them all together.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t sweat it. You’ll learn as you go, just as I am. And cosmeticsdatabase.com is a resource worth repeating a second day in a row. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog when I was talking about skincare, this web site will let you search manufacturers and individual products. And while you’re at it, you’ll be able to weed out all the nasty parabens and other artificial ingredients in your make-up collection, too — a little at a time.

What you’ll find in my personal make-up collection:

Dr. Hauschka Concealer
Organic Wear Concealer Stick
Dr. Hauschka Translucent Makeup
Dr. Hauschka Face Powder (loose)
Organic Wear Face Powder (compact)
Zuzu Blush Powder
Gabriel Blush Powder
Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara
Dr. Hauschka eyeliner
Almay Voluminizing Mascara
Gabriel Color Lip Gloss
Terra Gloss
MAC lip pencils
MAC eyeshadow
Revlon eyebrow pencil

Ecotools — synthetic bristles!

For your nails:
“No Miss” nail polishes (available at Whole Foods)
“Almost Natural” Polish Remover

Best Value!
Kiss My Face tinted moisturizer

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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