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Handbags & Wallets

On a blog-tour around the house, I’ve been saving the treasure-trove also known as my closet for last.  Today, let’s just focus on handbags and wallets.  Although I’ve spent most of my adult life slinging a messenger bag over my shoulder, I’m Italian and a graduate of a private prep school, so I grew up understanding the importance of a good handbag.  For those of us who don’t like to get too busy with accessorizing, the perfect handbag is sometimes all we need to complete an outfit.  Going vegan in this department, there’s no need to cramp our own style!
Here’s what you’ll find in my closet:
  • Manhattan Portage: This company is known for its old-school messenger bag, and I’m a loyal fan. Most of the time, I carry the classic “DJ” in black.  Simple, understated, durable… and when you throw it in the washing machine, it comes out looking like new!  What more could you ask for in your day-to-day bag?  I love it so much, I also have one in orange with a reflective stripe, and a larger messenger bag in black with a reflective stripe that I used as a book bag while in grad school and now use when I need to move with my Macbook.  My latest Manhattan Portage is just perfect for when I’m on the go and feel like keepin’ it light: the “East Village” mini-bag is ideal at an ideal price (just $29).
  • Matt & Nat: The Gucci of vegan bags and wallets, but not quite as expensive.  As I mentioned, I don’t carry around a handbag too often; but when I do, I have my Matt and Nat bags.  They’re fashionable and high quality.  This product line offers a variety of textures as well as styles.  My “streamline” brown bag has a smooth faux-leather finish, while my black bag has a grainier look.  I’ve got my eye on a “Japanese paper” design for the next time I make a purchase.  I also carry a Matt and Nat wallet most of the time.
  • Escama: For dressy occasions, I have a little fun by carrying my “chica rosa” made from over 200 post-consumer recycled soda-can tabs.  Guaranteed conversation piece!
  • GG2G: My tote bag made from recycled billboard material.  Each tote made by this company, naturally, is unique and has brilliant splashes of color.
  • Tinymeat: Despite the name, there’s no animal in these wallets “constructed of vinyl, art, and love.”  I bought one of these inexpensive wallets to keep all my cards in that I don’t carry around on a daily basis. Fun designs and supportive of independent artists.

Wallet options for men:

  • Malcolm Fontier, Ecolution (hemp wallet), VeganWares:
    all available at Moo Shoes
  • Splaff Bike Tube Wallet at Splaff
  • Green Guru Billboard Wallet at Vegan Store

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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