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Nail Color

Today, I treated myself to a pedicure. As someone who spends a lot of time on the yoga mat and barefooted, I like to keep my toes pretty regardless of the season. However, now that Memorial Day is nearing — and therefore another season of swimsuits and flip-flops — even those who don’t usually indulge in pedicures may find themselves staring down at their toes and thinking it might be time to beautify a bit. Ready for those open-toe sexy sling-backs? Let’s get ready for all the summer parties and the days we’re going to be spending poolside.

There are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives when it comes to nail polish.  I use No-Miss Nail Care products. Right now, I have “Cassadaga Cinnamon”on my toes. I also favor the shade of blue whenever I’m feeling particularly playful. Some other vegan nail polish options: Zoya, Go Natural, Peacekeeper, and Priti.

Brands that may be more familiar to you such as Almay and Revlon do not test on animals, so those are good options for those of you shopping at the local pharmacy or grocery store.  Avon also is animal-friendly.  If you have a favorite nail polish, check out Skin Deep to see the brand’s company stance on animal testing and how your product’s ingredients rate on the site’s healthy/hazardous index.

How about nail polish remover?
I found mine at the local Whole Foods: Almost Natural Polish Remover, also by No-Miss, comes in unscented and vanilla-scented. Its active ingredients are fruit acid and a plant-based acid. The remover contains no acetone, no ethyl acetate, and it’s cruelty-free. Tip: Hold the cotton round (with the remover on it) on the nail for a few seconds before starting to wipe the nail clean. Once I figured that out, the remover worked like a charm!

Going to a nail salon?
Not all of us are fortunate to have an eco-salon nearby. So instead of “picking my color” as is the norm when first arriving at a salon, I bring my color with me. Of course, I mention mine is cruelty-free polish, and I hope that eventually the local salon may be inspired to start offering a few cruelty-free colors themselves. A definite perk: a little chip doesn’t mean I have to go running to the salon… I have the color handy to make any touch-ups between pedicure appointments. 

*One more tip before you head to the salon: Remove your nail color with your cruelty-free polish at home before going to your appointment.

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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