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Companion Animals Week! Bideawee

Galileo Discorfano Webster

Guest Blogger: Galileo Discorfano Webster

As promised, I’m going to wrap up my guest-blogging during this Companion Animal Week with an extra-special post.  Bideawee was founded in 1903, which makes it one of the oldest humane organizations in the United States.  The word bideawee means “stay awhile,” and that’s exactly what my big brother Pushkin did a long time ago when Bideawee rescued him, took care of him, and gave him enough time so that my mom could find him and adopt him.  Mom first wandered into the Bideawee adoption center on 38th Street and First Avenue on Thanksgiving weekend 1999.  It was love at first sight, but Pushkin had some medical issues that meant he couldn’t go home with Mom that day.  Among other things, he had heartworm, which needed two rounds of treatment.  Not only did Bideawee give him the treatment he needed, but they also gave him the time to heal — time that in an ordinary shelter, where the holding period for any animal is 3-5 days before being euthanized, he never would have had.  So, Pushkin stayed awhile; and until he was able to go home on January 22nd, Bideawee let my mom take him for walks and visit with him; and when he was quarantined, they let her sit in the pen with him and sing to him.

Pushkin Discorfano Webster

Pushkin, Bideawee beagle

In memory of my brother Pushkin, I’d like to encourage everyone to support Bideawee in the amazing work they do, including their adoption and veterinary services.  If you’re in New York City, please consider visiting the adoption center on 38th Street should you decide you’d like to add a new nonhuman member to the family.  Remember… this week is the New York Week for the Animals!

For those of you outside NYC — there are shelters and adoption centers almost anywhere you live.  You can use Petfinder to find a dog or cat that needs a loving home.  I was born in Arizona, and my family found me with the help of a local organization called FAIR.  Please don’t support stores that rely on puppy mills, or buy from breeders, when there are already so many animals in need (many of them, running out of time) at local shelters.  Finally, you can help spread the word to “adopt don’t shop” by purchasing the Animal Rescue postage stamps.

Thank you, Bideawee, for giving me a big brother.

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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