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Foundation for Animals in Risk (FAIR)

"Baby G"

Happy 5th Birthday, Galileo! Today is the day we celebrate the birthday of our youngest family member and resident angel. It was actually May 26, 2006 when we first met, but he was already “about eight weeks old”  by then.  My father suggested we celebrate his birthday on March 29th because it’s the anniversary of the Battle at Quaker Road (my father is the author of a book on the Civil War), and also because it marks my grandfather’s birthday. In honor of our little one’s special day, I’d like to say thank you to the Tucson non-profit, no-kill rescue organization that brought us together.

Foundation for Animals in Risk (FAIR), located in Tucson, is one of countless organizations doing amazing work of rescuing animals and bringing families together. It’s also a great example of how an organization that facilitates animal foster care, in addition to adoptions, can save the lives of so many animals who otherwise would not have the chance to find their “furever” homes.

Each morning, Galileo’s routine includes lying in the sun for a while on his pillow on our patio. When it’s time for breakfast, he comes into the house with that faint “doggy” smell that comes from getting a little warmed up. I tell him he’s soaked up the sunshine and brought it back into the house for us.  Truly, he fills our home with sunshine, even on cloudy days.

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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