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Good Sweets in D.C.

Cowvin Cookies, Sticky Fingers

Checking out all the fabulous vegan-friendly restaurants in D.C. is enough to keep anyone busy for quite a while! However, it would be shame to miss out on some of the fantastic bakeries in this city whether you’re living in D.C. or just visiting. I highly recommend the following places to indulge your sweet tooth:

  • Sticky Fingers
    Sticky Fingers is a favorite fave. I celebrated my milestone birthday with their cupcakes — white cake with vanilla and strawberry frosting — and I couldn’t have picked a better extra-special treat for the occasion. You might have caught SF on the season finale of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, where they won by creating cupcakes inspired by comedians (the “George Caramelin”). People rave about Sticky Fingers’ Cowvin Cookies, too.
  • Red Velvet Cupcakery
    I discovered Red Velvet while attending the theater one night — it was right across the street from where I was seeing Avenue Q. Intermission cupcake! And, although it’s a privately owned company, I got lucky: among the few other locations, there’s one in Tucson, within walking distance from the law school. Sweet.
  • Hello Cupcake
    This cupcake joint was a hop skip and a jump away from my apartment last summer in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. Each day, a featured vegan cupcake.
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes
    Sprinkles claims to be the first ever cupcake bakery, with its original store in Beverly Hills. Now, they’re also serving the Georgetown University crowd. ¬†(New York friends: there’s a Sprinkles at Lexington and 60th)
  • Chez Hareg
    Beyond cupcakes. Think about a vegan Napoleon. Chocolate-Raspberry Ganache. Vegan Palmiers.

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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  1. Can’t argue with the supremacy of Sticky Fingers!

    Not far away in Arlington there is an Ethiopian bakery, Dama, with vegan napoleans, cookies, and other pastries. I’ve been making a few too many stops lately, but maybe I can get you out there on a future visit.

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