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Kids Books & Movies: Reviews on Vegbooks.org

Last June, Kathy Freston of Veganist fame wrote an article for The Huffington Post called “Vegan: Great for Kids!” The focus of the article was on simple ways parents might be supportive of their children’s choices, in addition to reassuring them that it can be perfectly healthy for kids to abstain from eating animal products. Vegbooks is an online resource for parents that also can help them guide children along the path they’ve chosen for themselves. Offering reviews of books and movies for kids of all ages, along with relevant articles, the site enables parents to know what books their children might be interested in. And, if the kids haven’t articulated a desire to become vegetarian or vegan but parents are looking for ways to instill an appreciation of our fellow earthlings, here’s the place to find out about great books and movies that the kids not only will enjoy, but also will serve as great conversation starters.

Even before my nephew was born, the book-lover in me started building his reading collection. Naturally, some of the first I selected were old childhood favorites of mine. In addition, I sought out more recently written books — fiction for children has come a long way since the days of my youth! Which is exactly why I’m so delighted to discover this resource: I’ll be using Vegbooks frequently throughout the next several years to find new books my darling nephew and I can experience together for the first time. I’m looking forward to having many story-times together. And don’t forget about the movie reviews, too. Nicky just turned five, so we haven’t really gotten into films yet, but I’m sure I’ll be referring to Vegbooks for guidance on movies soon enough.

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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