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Shopping with specials by Vegan Cuts

For those of you who get super-excited whenever you find a deal (and who doesn’t?), Vegan Cuts offers weekly specials that make it fun and easy to shop vegan while staying within the budget. It’s the GroupOn for all of us trying to use products and services that are aligned with a cruelty-free lifestyle. Deals range from food products to cosmetics to fashion.

To give you a better idea of the possibilities, here are some recent highlights:

  • 52% off Nicobella Organic and fair Trade Truffles Assortment
  • $12 for 10 PureFit Bars ($19.90 value)
  • 43% off Vegan Cosmetics & Skin Care (by various companies including Aubrey Organics, Beauty Without Cruelty, Ecco Bella)
  • 50% off gift card for Compassion Couture

Vegan Cuts is a terrific way to find bargains, and it’s also a fun way to learn about and try new products. As we all know, trying out new products can be risky business; no one can love everything, and so sometimes it seems easier just to stick with what we know. But when you can get such great prices on products and services, even the most risk-averse among us are likely to re-discover their inner-adventurer. And keeping it fun — so that choosing cruelty-free is more about what we can have, rather than what we can’t have — is the surest way to make a cruelty-free lifestyle a lasting life-long commitment. Enjoy exploring alternatives with the help of Vegan Cuts, and  please let me know if you discover any new favorites!

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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