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Sushi on the Slopes

A favorite from our trip to Tahoe this year was Mamasake at the Village at Squaw. I have quite a few friends who are devoted to their sushi dinners — so much so, that they’ll often cite that as the reason they could never go vegan. However, just looking at some of our sushi delectables from Mamasake should convince even the greatest skeptics that, as a vegan, savoring sushi is still possible. And while I love cucumber and avocado rolls, I’ve found that an exploration of vegan sushi options unleashes all kinds of creativity in the kitchen.

Roasty Toasty: sesame tofu with sriracha sauce

Italo Veggie: roasted bell peppers, basil, hearts of palm tempura, carmelized garlic, green onion, balsamic vinegar reduction (hold the cream cheese)


Zesty Vegan: spicy tofu, avocado, cucumber, cilantro, yamagobo, sesame oil, mamenori, sunomono, sriracha


Grilled Eggplant, Nigiri

Bonus Tip!
At home, we like making our own rolls,¬†improvising with a little sticky rice and roasted or grilled veggies. Tempura vegetable pieces will add a nice little crunch to a roll. But an all-time favorite in our home is the Spicy Tempeh Rolls recipe we got from Isa Moskowitz’s Veganomicon. Easy and fun to make, and SO delicious. If you’re a spicy-tuna-roll person, this recipe will totally fit the bill without hurting any of our friends in the ocean.

homemade spicy tempeh rolls

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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