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Vegan Beauty Market online

I’ve written in the past about vegan megastores that make it easy for anyone anywhere in the country to practice cruelty-free living. I’m excited to share with you today an online hub for skincare products and cosmetics, Vegan Beauty Market. This one-stop shop is like walking into a huge cosmetics department or a store like Sephora that’s home to multiple brands, with the added assurance that every single product for purchase is cruelty-free.

Verifying that cosmetics and skincare products are, in fact, cruelty-free sometimes can be tricky business. Cosmetic companies often are fuzzy on the details when it comes to their animal testing policies. They also might be making “cruelty-free” claims that are misleading: they might be outsourcing any testing; or, they might be testing individual ingredients but not the product per se, and so they’re able to add the “not tested on animals” to their labels. For this reason, I’ll take any help I can get to ensure my purchase power is not supporting animal testing. It’s nice to have VBM bringing together the products that truly pass muster.

Categories of products available:

  • Face
  • Body & Bath
  • Hair
  • Make-up
  • Fragrance
  • Kids
  • Sun
  • Gifts

Free Samples!
When it comes to skincare and cosmetics, I’m always on the lookout for new finds, but I always want to sample because I need to see how my skin is going to react. At a walk-in store, I’m drawn to the “tester” items, and I’ll accept any little packets of moisturizer, hand lotion, or shampoo that someone offers me (also great as a “travel-size” for the next overnight stay somewhere). Buying online from VBM, we don’t miss out on this aspect of the shopping experience: free samples come with every purchase.

“Giving Back” Policy
One more reason VBM is a fave: a percentage of profits are donated to nonprofits that support environmental, animal rights, and humane causes.

Bonus Tip!
For the lowdown on some of your usual cosmetic and skincare items, check out the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database for details on companies and specific products. In addition to a company’s animal testing policy, the site provides information about the individual ingredients and an overall safety rating for each product.

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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