Tal Ronnen’s New L.A. Restaurant

I have been a huge fan of Chef Tal Ronnen for a long time. At home, we use his cookbook The Conscious Cook. When in Vegas, we choose to stay at The Wynn, where he serves as Collaborative Chef to ensure incredible vegan cuisine at each of the hotel’s restaurants and cafes. So how bummed was I that during our most recent jaunt to L.A. there simply was no time to have dinner at his brand new restaurant, Crossroads Kitchen, which just opened a couple of weeks ago. NEXT time.

My friend Jaya has been kind enough to share photos of her recent meal at Crossroads. The Kale Spanakopita looks like it alone may be worth a plane ticket back to L.A. asap!


mushroom “oysters” on artichoke shells


“crab” cakes with hearts of palm

mushroom scalloppini

Jaya’s fave: mushroom scallopini

kale spanakopita

kale spanakopita


tortelloni with almond cheese

tortelloni with almond cheese

Thanks for sharing, Jaya! As always, you rock. Chef Ronnen: Crossroads NYC? Please?

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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