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Dog Days of Summer in the Hamptons

maidstoneOur companion animals Otis and Galileo deserve a respite from the city as much as we do. Lucky for us, c/o The Maidstone in East Hampton offers the perfect family getaway for all of us.

This boutique hotel’s rooms are named after various Swedish authors and artists, and come with a nice supply of bath and body products by Malin + Goetz.  The Maidstone makes every aspect of one’s stay relaxing and dog-friendly, including suggestions about where to enjoy some beach time with the pups or places to explore in East Hampton and the neighboring towns with them. Late afternoons, it’s time for “Yappy Hour” in the cozy lounge or on the patio; sip one of Leandro’s amazing Strawberry Mojitos while the pups enjoy something off the Woof Menu. And, in the evening, the four-legged guests are invited to dine along with you in The Living Room Restaurant. The Living Room embraces the slow-food philosophy and is vegan-friendly, with plenty of fresh, local produce at work in the kitchen.

Beach time!
In the mornings and early evenings, we enjoyed long family walks on Main Beach, just three minutes from the hotel. (During summer season, dogs are allowed on the beach before 9am and after 6pm.) Other great spots for some beach time with the pups: the area surrounding Montauk Lighthouse, undeveloped coastline with pretty views into the horizon, and Maidstone Park Beach, secluded and serene.

The Faves List
The Hamptons has so much to offer when it comes to dining, wining, and relaxing. Here are some of my favorites — from the upscale dining experience to the super-casual neighborhood coffee joint.

  • boysonbeachNick & Toni’s (East Hampton)
    The fine dining experience you won’t want to miss. Great atmosphere, food, and wine. Reservation is a must during the summer season. Seth and I ordered the same thing: Seared Herb Polenta served over an array of roasted vegetables. To start, try the Watermelon Salad: a beautiful combination of melon, spearmint, red onion, and Kalamata olives (hold the pecorino romano cheese!)
  • Babette’s (East Hampton)
    Babette’s is hugely popular for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s a great place to dine outside and people watch, too. You can go for something simple and classic like Bucatini Pomodoro with shitake mushrooms and basil (add pan-crisped tofu); or, get adventurous like I did and order the Creole Casserole. Definitely a culinary experience outside of my usual focus on whole foods, this dish is an insane (indulgent, gooey, delicious) combination: garlic mashed potato, layered with kale, succotash, roasted garlic pecan, bbq tofu, salsa, and baked-on soy cheddar. On a healthier note, my usual pick would be the Pistachio-crusted Tempeh. Kale Salad to start is a must.
  • Sen (Sag Harbor)
    The place to satisfy your sushi hankerings while you’re here. Very vegan-friendly, just like it’s NYC location. After sauntering around the harbor, savor a variety of vegetable sushi and vegetable rolls. Also some great options under small plates and salads.
  • The Cuddy (Sag Harbor)
    Right next door to Sen (same owners), this new-to-the-scene gastropub (it opened in May) is the place to come if you’re into treating yourself to a specialty cocktail. Try the Gentleman’s Favor, which is a cross between an Old-Fashioned and a Manhattan. Our bartender said the Gin Daisy is also one of the super-popular cocktails.
  • Provisions (Sag Harbor)
    Right around the corner from Sen and The Cuddy, this natural market and cafe is the perfect shopping stop for any cruelty items you may need during your stay — whether it’s some novelty food items, quick snacks, shampoo, or cosmetics.
  • Serafina (East Hampton)
    There are quite a few Serafina locations, including one in our Upper West Side neighborhood. But when you’ve already had a full day, it’s getting late, and you don’t have a reservation somewhere, this can be the perfect solution and a little taste of home away from home. The lively bar area had the Yankees game on, so I got to check the score before heading out to the patio, packed with people chatting over large plates of pasta. Some tips about ordering here: while Bruschetta is always a good appetizer, I highly recommend ordering a couple of the side dishes instead — I like the green lentils and the ratatouille. The sides are perfect to pair with the bread brought to your table. As an entree, Serafina does a beautiful presentation of spaghetti squash topped with fresh vegetables; I ask for the Arrabbiata sauce instead of the tomato sauce it usually comes with — not too spicy, but just the right amount of oomph.
  • La Fondita (Amagansett)
    I encourage La Fondita to up the ante a bit with its vegan options. Right now, it’s limited to chips and salsa and vegetable burrito or tacos that are a combination of beans, rice, tomatoes, lettuce, pico de gallo, and guacamole. That said, this place is just such a cute little local spot, with its casual vibe and picnic tables outside, I cannot resist calling it a fave.
  • Goldberg’s  (East Hampton)
    Family tradition, each Sunday we have a bagel breakfast. When we can, we carry the tradition with us when we’re traveling. Goldberg’s has a few locations, and it’s simply the best bagel in the Hamptons. Tofu cream cheese is on the menu.
  • Hampton Chutney Co. (Amangansett)
    You can grab a couple of dosas to go for the beach or enjoy eating in Amangansett Square. I had the Grilled Portobello Mushroom with cilantro chutney, while my husband had the Potato Masala with peanut  chutney. The pups, eating their lunch right beside us in the square, were very interested in our lunch. I may have to place a separate order for them the next time we visit.
  • Jack’s Sir Brew Coffee (Amagansett)
    Also part of Amagansett Square, this busy cafe makes a great cup of joe. There are specialty items for sale, too; everything from flip-flops to kale chips by New York Naturals.
  • East Hampton Gourmet
    You would never know by looking at this little tucked away place that it is THE place to visit for homemade veggie burgers (served on multigrain pita). Mostly, this is a to-go place, so grab a side of the roasted cauliflower or roasted corn salad… and the raw coconut bliss bites for dessert (taste like Almond Joy bars). I also recommend the crispbreads (saffron &  fennel, chipotle & cumin). You can order these from the online store for a taste of the Hamptons delivered to your door!
  • Mary’s Marvelous (East Hampton, Amagansett)
    Not a vegan place per se, but Mary’s offers a couple of Panini sandwiches that can be veganized easily: just ask for the rice wrap instead of the panini bread. The kitchen still pressed our wraps, so they were warm and slightly crisped. We had a Falafel (switch out the lemon cilantro sauce — not vegan — for the chili hummus) and a Shitake Mushroom. I also grabbed a side of Quinoa Tabbouleh for our take-away lunch.
  • Wolffer Estate Vineyard (Sagaponack)
    You’ll see Wolffer wines on menus when you’re dining out. Great news! They are vegan-friendly, not using any animal products in their production and processing. The Wolffer Wine Stand is located on Route 27, a quick stop on the way back to the city. I bought a couple bottles of the Classic White and a couple of the Cabernet Franc to bring home. It will be fun to share a taste of the Hamptons with friends.
  • Hampton Coffee Co. (Water Mill)
    You can get Hampton Coffee in many places throughout the Hamptons and back in NYC. At the flagship cafe, visitors are invited to watch them roasting the coffee. And, although I say flagship, you should know it’s still a cozy little coffee place. We enjoyed some time on a rainy afternoon there, just sitting and reading. Also while you’re there: check out Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co., set up in the cafe’s corner. It’s a great addition to the cafe, and might be just the perfect treat if you’re traveling with kids.

GMainbeachLocal Produce!
Don’t miss out on all the local farm stands, including several right along Route 27.  Especially because this is my first summer back on the east coast after several years in Tucson, I have been so delighted to be back in a place where “local” doesn’t mean miles and miles away (usually California or Mexico).

On the way back to the city, I loaded up my market bag with fresh vegetables, all locally grown. One of our first treats back home: Field Roast grain sausage sandwiches on Italian bread piled with fresh grilled onions and peppers. Other goodies in my bag: cucumbers, tomatoes, Vidalia onions, baby white Portobellos, sweet corn, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, and cantaloupe. Check back with me next week, when I’ll share my recipe for what I’m calling my Route 27 Salad.

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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