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Wines by The Vegan Vine

VVI just received an order of wines by The Vegan Vine and decided I must share with you this favorite of mine! On a few separate occasions, I’d enjoyed both the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Sauvignon Blanc; VV also makes a Chardonnay and a Red Blend. Purchasing online at The Vegan Vine web site makes it easy to shop.

The wines are fragrant and flavorful, and a hit with vegan and non-vegan friends alike. When our non-vegan friends are trying a glass of VV for the first time, it can easily spark a conversation that gets them making connections about animals and food in a new way. Definitely a fun, festive way to slip in some animal advocacy during a social gathering.

vvSo how exactly are any wines not vegan-friendly? Of course, the grapes are vegan; but often animal-derived products are used in the wine making process to filter the wine. The most common animal-derived clarifying agents: isinglass (sturgeon bladder), gelatin (hooves of cows and pigs), albumin (egg whites), and casein (milk protein). Ick. Vegan-friendly wines, on the other hand, use a clay-based alternative.

I’ve written before about some really great Vegan-Friendly Wines and the online/app resource Barnivore, where you can check the status of a vintage as you browse. While some of your usual vintages may disappoint, you also will be pleasantly surprised to find that many wineries are now using the clay-based clarifiers, despite the fact that few identify themselves as “Vegan-Friendly” on the label. Recently, I gave the owner of a neighborhood wine shop a little in-store demonstration of how easy Barnivore.com is to use — and he’s now using it to assist other customers who come in looking for some vegan vino.

Barnivore aside, it’s certainly nice finding a few favorite wine companies you can count on — like The Vegan Vine. I encourage you to buy a bottle or two for your next soiree.¬†Through the end of October there’s a 50% off Sale going on, so it’s an excellent time to stock up for the holidays!

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Author: Sharon Discorfano

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